Informed Citizens Commission (ICC)
Actions to Take to Pass Legislation to Enact
the Informed Citizens Commission
Contact your Representative
Contact you state and federal representatives and ask them to pass legislation
to enact the Informed Citizens Commission (call, email, website, letter, etc.).
You can find your current state and federal representatives at by
entering your address and selecting the Your Currently Elected Officials tab.
Contact your representative through their official state or federal office.
Organize and Participate in Marches and Rallies
Rally in support of the Informed Citizens Commission. Use slogans like:
"Black and White, Men and Women Against the 1%", "Information is Power",
"Power to the People", "Fix the System", "Fix Wall Street to Fix Washington",
"The People versus The 1%", "Informed Citizens for a Successful America",
"Greed is Bad", "Taking $3 Trillion is Greed", "Fair Share of Information",
"Fair Share o Power", "Fair Share of Income and Wealth"
Sign a Petition
Sign a Petition to show all elected representatives that there is significant
support for the Informed Citizens Commission.
Support on Social Media
Post comments like: "The Informed Citizens Commission is for a better America through
a better sharing of information. A better sharing of information will result in a better government, a better economy and a better society ("
Vote for Candidates most likely to Pass Legislation
to Enact the Informed Citizens Commission
See Citizens For Informed Voters for Guidelines, Forms
and Sources for use in Researching Candidates and Issues