Informed Citizens Commission (ICC)
Significant political, economic and social cycles have occurred throughout history. These cycles were driven by swings in power and resulted in civil wars, world wars, recessions, depressions, slavery and other social injustices. 
Current Imbalance of Power
There is a current and increasing imbalance of power in America today. This increasing imbalance is resulting in increasing inequities in economic benefits and social injustices. This is resulting and will continue to result in serious social and political unrest.
Increased Income to the Wealthy
The share of US Income going to the wealthy (the top 1%) has increased from 10% to 25% over the past forty years (see attached). That 15% increase in income represents a gain
of approximately $3 trillion per year or $1,000,000 per wealthy person per year.
Reduced income to the non-wealthy reduces consumer demand and therefore economic growth. Increased income to the wealthy without capital needs of economic growth results in stock market and other high end asset inflation.  
Impact on the Non-wealthy
The share of US Income going to non-wealthy white males declined from 44% to 20%
over the past forty years (see attached). That 24% decline in income represents a loss
of approximately $5 trillion per year or $50,000 per non-wealthy white male per year.
Of that lost income, $30,000 went to the wealthy, while only $20,000 went to close
income inequality gaps of non-wealthy white women and non-wealthy minorities.
If the wealthy hadn't taken a bigger piece of the pie, income equality among non-wealthy white males, non-wealthy white females and non-wealthy minorities would have been accomplished along with the non-wealthy white males having significantly higher incomes than they do today.
Increasing financial contributions by the wealthy (the top1%) to politicians has resulted
in unfair influence over government and increasing economic and social benefits to the wealthy. People no longer trust the government to do the right thing. This has resulted
in several anti-establishment movements that threaten the foundations of America.
A fair sharing of information would improve the balance of power (see attached).
An improved balance of power would improve sharing of income (see attached).