Informed Citizens Commission
Minimum Reporting Requirements
Corporate Goals
Including how they are designed to balance the interests of all stakeholders (employees, consumers, communities, and shareholders) and how accomplishment of those goals is measured
Management Compensation Plans
Including how they are structured to accomplish the corporate goals, particularly those designed to balance the interests of all stakeholders
Management and Employee Compensation
Including the CEO, senior management and other employee groups, with roles, responsibilities, compensation levels and structures for each group
Background and Qualifications
Name, address, and candidate website
Education, experience, and skills for the office
Goals for the office and the country
Issues and Guidelines
Positions on issues and guidelines for addressing those issues
Explanations of differences with those of the Issues and Guidelines Office
Explanation of differences with prior positions on issues and guidelines
Sources of Campaign Funding
By major donor and PAC
Each major donor and PAC's position on key issues and guidelines
Explanation of differences with each major donor and PAC's positions