Voters Information Commission (VIC)
An independent agency responsible for setting thorough and effective
reporting requirements for candidates to provide information for the voters
Accurately and adequately informed voters are essential to a successful democracy. Voters have the need for and right to all meaningful information about candidates for elected office, the economic and social long-term goals they would be pursuing if elected and the measurement
and reporting of the progress made toward accomplishing those goals. The Voter
Information Commission is essential in making that happen.
The Voters Information Commission would be an independent, SEC-type entity. The SEC ensures shareholders have accurate and adequate information from businesses for free and fair capital markets. The VIC would ensure voters have accurate and adequate information from
candidates so they can elect the most qualified leaders.
- Ensure that candidates for public office report adequate and accurate information to voters, including:
> Qualifications for the job, including education, experience, and skills
> Important issues and balanced solutions to address them
> Positions on the recommendations of the Issues & Guidelines Commission
- Require elected officials to provide regular updates on information provided as a candidate, with explanations for votes for or against legislation
People don't trust the government. Over the past 60 years the percent of people who trust the Federal government has declined. Trust in government has declined from 73% to 24%

Voters don’t believe their vote matters. Voter turnout in the US is low versus other developed countries on average. 55% of US eligible voters versus 70% in other countries