Issues and Guidelines Office
Minimum Issues and Guidelines
Economic Goals - that result in the most efficient and effective free market economy that works best for everyone
Democratic Elections - including open primaries, with top vote getting candidates moving to majority vote required general elections, and fair voting districts
Legislative Operations - including procedures for actions balanced to maximize social and economic benefits in both the short-term and long-term for all
Education and Healthcare - actions that result in affordable quality education and healthcare for all, balanced with appropriate economic impact
Racial, Legal, and Criminal Justice - actions that address the realities of racism and other legal and criminal justice inequities without negative short-term impacts
Globalization and International Affairs - actions that recognize the U.S. as the standard for democracy, free enterprise, and social justice, while maintaining relationships that result in worldwide economic development and security
Environmental Responsibility - actions that balance science and economic impact
Physical and Cyber Security - cost effective actions in the public’s best interest