Citizens Information Commission (CIC)
An independent agency responsible for identifying political, economic, and
social issues facing our country and developing guidelines for them
Accurately and adequately informed citizens are essential to a successful society. It is not possible for each citizen to become sufficiently informed on all issues to make all decisions. We
need to have accurate and adequate information on issues for citizens to provide leaders with guidance on those issues. The Citizens Information Commission is essential in making that happen.
The Citizens Information Commission would be an independent, CBO-type entity. The CBO provides accurate and adequate information on the financial impact of legislation under consideration by Congress. The CIC would provide citizens (voters, employees, and leaders)
with accurate and adequate information on political, economic and social issues facing the
country and guidelines for addressing them.
- Identify the top Issues facing our government, business and society, like:
       > Election and legislative rules
       > Economic goals
       > Social issues
- Develop high level guidelines for free market solutions for those Issues
- Develop measures of progress in implementing the solutions
- Establish reporting requirements on progress in implementing the solutions
Political and business leaders often misuse information on issues for their own political and economic benefit. Candidates misuse information on social issues to get elected and are then unable to agree to solutions that balance the beliefs of others resulting in gridlock. The number
of meaningful laws passed in Congress has declined by 50% during the past 50 years.