Citizens for Informed Voters
The purpose of the CIV Initiative is to support people with the time in researching and evaluating candidates for their friends and families
People with the time would be mostly young adults (ages 20 to 30) and recently retired individuals (ages 65 to 75), but could include anyone
For Balanced Solutions
The purpose of researching and developing candidate ratings is to elect leaders that will implement balanced solutions in the best interest of all citizens
Research Candidates
Education and experience
Position on key issues
Campaign funding
Develop Candidate Ratings
Integrity, honesty, and transparency
Skills and experience for the office
Balanced solutions for issues
Elected Representatives Support
Elected representatives should inform citizens about the CIV Initiative by national education initiatives and direct communications to their constituents
Elected representatives should not be involved in the CIV Initiative, it must be independent and made up of local friends and family groups only