Informed Citizens Commission
Actions to Take
Contact your Representative
Contact you federal, state, and local representatives by letter (draft letter attached) or email (using letter content). Ask them to enact the Informed Citizens Commission.
You can find your representatives and contact information at
by entering your address and selecting the Your Currently Elected Officials tab.
Sign a Petition
Sign a petition to show your support for the Informed Citizens Commission
Support on Social Media
Post comments like: "The Informed Citizens Commission will ensure accurate and adequate information for voters and employees and result in a better government, a better economy and a better society (see"
Vote for Quality Candidates
Quality Candidates will represent all citizens and seek balanced solutions for issues. Quality Candidates will most likely support the Informed Citizens Commission.
See Citizens For Informed Voters for Guidelines, Forms and Sources
for use in Researching Candidates and Issues.
Questions or Comments on the Informed Citizens Commission?